Hello God Are You There?



In today’s difficult time when we seem to be losing everything, have we lost God too?

A sunrise…Are thoughts from yesterday bringing you down?

A daffodil growing among rocks… Are obstacles blocking your way?

A boulder tumbling out of control… Are you teetering on the edge?

A cloudy sky… Are you lost in the shadows of others?

A stagnant lake… Are you drowning in boredom?

All around us nature is not only mirroring our lives; it is there to offer us its gifts: comfort, encouragement, strength, and wisdom.  There is no cost, we only need to open our eyes and accept life’s greatest gift; nature.



One person can change the world. Is that you?  Do you have the courage to find out? Life is all about changing; without change you will never grow, you will never move beyond the safety of your crib.  Embrace change as a welcomed friend.  Do not fear the unknown, face it like a butterfly soaring through life and you may find that you have changed the world and yourself for the better.


I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14 (KJV)

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Released May 23, 2013, and was on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Inspiration & Spirituality for the month of June.


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2 thoughts on “Hello God Are You There?

  1. Hello, I met you at the Westminster Ag. Center a few weeks ago and purchased your book. I shared it with some teacher friends of mine. Several would like to buy copies. Is there a time when you will be in Westminster again so I may come and purchase more books from you? Your book was just what I needed.

    • I will be at the Ag center again this Saturday, November 2nd , from 8-2, and again on November 30th . I am so glad you liked the book, and what to share it. It always makes my day when someone says my book is what they needed. Thank you, looking forward to seeing you.

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